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Acupuncture Health Network

Helping you co-create your most vibrant, resilient and heart centered life!

Acupuncture Health Network

Helping you co-create your most vibrant, resilient and heart centered life!

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Acupuncture Health Network

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Pittsburgh, PA
UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine
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What are they saying?

"KK was an answer to my prayers.  I have suffered from headaches due to seasonal allergies for years.  After only 5 treatments from KK my headaches have been gone going on 3 years.  KK has great knowledge trust him!" 

Patti C

"I went to the doctor with acid reflux. He put a sensor inside of me to monitor and the numbers were high. Acid came up my throat and I had a sore throat for 18 weeks.  I found KK on the internet and started acupuncture. I started feeling better and was able to cancel my surgery.

Ray B.

My Experience

"While I was recently touring on a cruise ship, that is where I found myself miserable the first three days.  Then I was advised to consult the acupuncturist on ship.  Dr. Ana helped me with my seasickness and also increased the circulation in my legs and feet.  I was able to move more easily.  She suggested that I follow up with an acupuncturist around my home to treat the cause, not the symptoms.


During the consultation, EngKeat Teh was able to tell me of health issues I neglected to list.  After the first treatment, my toes were “pink” after being white for years due to neuropathy.  This increased my confidence in Engkeat Teh’s ability to help me with my balance, my walking, and my overall feeling healthier.

My son came home from a three week vacation and could tell that I was in better health physically and mentally.  Engkeat Teh also informed me that the acupuncture procedures sometimes have positive side effects on other issues such as my trigger thumb. He was correct.  I have been sleeping better, and can now feel the gas pedal while driving.  My balance has improved and my feet do not feel so heavy.  During my treatments, I feel more relaxed, calm and I have a feeling of tensions being released through my body.  My treatments have been reduced because of my constant improvements."

Patricia L.

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 UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine 
580 South Aiken Avenue Suite 310

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3121 Wilmington Rd Unit 1
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