Acupuncture Health Network

Acupuncture Health Network

Helping you co-create your most vibrant, resilient and heart centered life!

Acupuncture Health Network

Helping you co-create your most vibrant, resilient and heart centered life!

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Would you like your health to soar?

At Acupuncture Health Network we offer a safe and supportive healing environment using Chinese Medicine and other therapeutic modalities to address your health issues quickly and with long-lasting results.  

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My Story

"When I say "I was sick" is an understatement.  It was starting with mental health. I noticed a difference, especially around my time of the month.  I had cancer cut out of the back of my throat.  I had pneumonia and struggled.  Doctor Acosta said I could reverse the COPD and, with KK, I did.  My new inhaler has been sitting at the pharmacy for 3 weeks now.  When I say "I was a ticking time bomb" that is an understatement.  I am so blessed to have this facility and team in my life.  I want to share."

Pamela J.

Do You Suffer From?

• Chronic pain

• Back & Neck  pain

• Shoulder pain

• Sports injuries

• Concussions

• Headaches or Migraines

• Digestive problems

• Autoimmune diseases

Anxiety & Depression

• Insomnia

• GYN conditions
• Men’s Health Issues

• Seasonal allergies

• Endocrine dysfunction

•Much More!

 "8 years ago I was in an auto accident that left me with 6 broken vertebra and at least 6 areas of nerve damage - I couldn't bear the pain any longer and scheduled neurosurgery - my back was fused, but there was no way to relieve the pain in my legs and feet - EngKeat Teh began acupuncture and after 6 weeks I am 95% pain free - I have some pain in my feet as of now (3 weeks out of surgery) but I am very confident that EngKeat will resolve that within a few more visits.  Besides the fact that he rendered me pain free, I believe that I have made a friend for life."

Dave M. 

Are you ready to?

 Renew your health  Boost your immune system  Prevent Illness

Awaken wellness within, with a synergistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit.  Our patients state that along with a relief of symptoms they also experience increased energy and a sense of well-being that creates positive changes in many areas of their lives.

Available Treatments


Acupuncture is an incredibly safe and effective treatment for many conditions and symptoms commonly seen in today's stressful and hectic life.     
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Infrared Sauna Benefits


Pain Relief

Weight Loss
Joint Pain Relief
Chronic Fatigue
Reduces Inflammation
And More

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Health Mate Sauna

Herbs are a powerful and effective part and the acupuncturist may recommend them as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.   Before the invention of disposable needles, herbal medicine was the first treatment of choice.
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This is an ancient form of medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Commonly used for back pain, joint pain and upper respiratory problems, cupping is the application of suction to the surface of the body.
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Functional Medicine


Our office provides thorough, in-depth nutritional consultations. The results of this analysis will point to which system needs to be addressed first.   We have a "nature first, drugs last" philosophy. 

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How I was helped

"Oct 24, 2019, a much needed visit to EngKeat Teh (my hero and healer). This visit was due to severe pain (level 20) with the help of a friend and cane.

Nov 21, 2019 final treatment, no cane, no pain!

There aren’t enough words to describe the phenomena of acupuncture or expertise of Dr. Teh!"

Mary Ann V.

Do You Want to experience ?

•treatments with no side effects 

•feeling stronger

•living better than you ever thought possible

As we integrate acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional nutritional counseling, cupping, and infrared sauna, we treat both physical and emotional health.   Traditional Chinese Medicine has been treating specific health problems for over 3,000 years and the World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture's effectiveness for over 40 common disorders.

 Together we can make that a reality. 

Let us show you how Acupuncture Health Network can bring you back to a better you!

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3121 Wilmington Rd Unit 1
PCT Professional Building

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